Custom Puglia Tours

Make your own itinerary: the are no set dates. Any Puglia trip can be specifically tailored and scheduled around your interests. We are specialist in traveling in Puglia and we will share insights to guide you to the perfect destinations for your own private travel tour. Whatever trip you want, we will create an itinerary that suits you and that will stay with you forever.

Experience of a lifetime

We will help you plan your inspiring, one-of-a kind journey and Puglia experience. If you have a passion about yoga, cycling, cooking, sailing, wine, photography, art, design, horse riding, singing, painting or just curious about Puglia culture, explore and expand your hobbies in Puglia. You can have a chance to meet some locals who share your interests and spend time with them. We can designate your tour that goes with your passion.

Let us create your travel plan

Whether you are a small group looking for a themed week in Puglia, planning a family vacation and reunion, creating a culinary trip, a wedding in a masseria, seeking luxury or on a budget, we will creative your unique travel program with tailor-made activities using local knowledge and contact. We look forward to working with you. We don’t want you to just see Puglia, we want you to immerse in all of its magic and beauty.


Ylenia Sambati, luxury travel & personal concierge

Ylenia Sambati is an Italian travel designer with a deep experience in the Meeting Industry & Customized Travel Planning, operating all over Puglia with her team. With a passion for the Italian lifestyle and unexplored places, she creates unique trips for her clients. She will take you away from the “ordinary” and put you in the middle of the “extraordinary” Puglia lifestyle.

Be Inspired, tailored to you

Your travel plan is as unique as you are. Book a travel plan which has been built around you. Your private Puglia Travel Consultant will create a perfect holiday which is unique to you. Personal Service giving you the time, attention and support you really deserve. From your first email, your Puglia Travel Consultant will take care of every part of your travel plan. A friendly one to one travel service: by working to the smallest detail, your Travel Consultant in Puglia will deliver the most exceptional travel experience.


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